Fender Tone Master Pro

Fender Tone Master Pro

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The Fender Tone Master Pro

The Fender Tone Master Pro is the newest challenger in the incredible array of multi-effects units. Can it keep up?
The Tone Master Pro truly captures the spirit of Leo Fender's Ingenuity with its revolutionary user interface and incredible tone. It incorporates the solid-state amp sounds of the Tone Master Series while incorporating other Fender family classics like the 5150 Series.

User Interface

The Tone Master Pro has the simplest user interface that a multi-effects unit has ever seen. It utilizes a touchscreen interface that allows users to easily select the amp, pedal, or cab they want to use. The user can drag and drop the items on the interface to get the pedal chain they dream of. But the real magic of this user interface comes after the item is selected. The screen shows zooms in on the item. When this happens, the footswitches become knobs that can edit the parameters of the item. This really gives the unit a fantastic analog feel.


Come experience the fine ingenuity of the Tone Master Pro at Roxy Music today!

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